RawR (theblackeststar) wrote in n3rdcor3,


[name] KatieXLynne
[age] 15
[location] stronGisland
[pet peeves] burping. annoying people, ignornance, ugly feet
[motto/personal quote]

"i keep my ideals because in spite of everything i still believe that people are really good at heart"
~Anne Frank


"and we'll never have to listen to anyone about anything. becuase its all been done and its all been said we're the coolest kids and we take what we can get"
~i know brand new is overrated, but hey... what do you expect im from stronGisland?

[four words to describe you] crazy, innocent, aDORKable, outspoken,
[would you like that shaken or stirred?] lifes more fun when everythings shooken up.
[joke] so there was this panda and he walked into a chinese restaurant. The waitor looked at him, and said "what can i get for you sir" and the panda said "i would like some bamboo shoots in garlic sauce. in a hurry" and so the panda ate, and then he when the waiter broght him his check he shoot him in the head. the owner came out to see what was going on and he questioned the panda. When he asked what had happened he said turning for the door "im a panda buddy. look it up." then when the waitor went to the dictionary it said "PANDA - eats shoots and leaves."
[how would you spend $10.00] probobly buying a cup of coffee. or french fries, becuase french fries are my favorite :)
[favorite bands] mae, anberlin, pedro the lion, brand new, alk3, hot hot heat, the new amsterdams, smashing pumpkins, rush, phish, tbs, themovielife, moneen, boysnightout, incubus, the back up plan, fob, further seems forever, the early november, Deathcab for Cutie, The Get Up Kids, Le Tigre, The Ataris, Afi, Pretty Girls Make graves, Boys Set Fire, The Bouncing Souls, Tsunami Bomb, Thrice, Trashed on Fiction, Display From the Inside, Ben Kweller, The Spice Girls, coheed, the rocket summer, desaparecidos, thursday, modest mouse, feeling left out, saves the day, simon and garfunkel,
[favorite movies] any john hughes movies, say anything, ferris buller, slc punk, empire records, beauty and the beast, the powerpuff girl movie, the newsies, princess bride, willow, school house rock dvd, spice world, serendipity, orange county, when harry met sally,
[hobbies] skateboarding, singing, dancing, having fun, going to the beach, going to the modcenter, spooning and cuddling

[what makes you nerdcore]i dont take shit from people, i do what i want, and i have fun. anddd i like to spoon.
[what was your most nerdcore moment] one time. i was really really determined to beat super mario brothers in one day starting from the beggining, so i stayed up all night to do it. and by the time breakfast rolled around i was on bowsers castle.


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