Brittney (smellslike_glue) wrote in n3rdcor3,



[location]-East Coast....dawg.

[pet peeves]-People who spell my name either BrittANY or BrittNAY.

[motto/personal quote]-I know I have one I know I have one I know I have one...but I don't remember.

[four words to describe you]-geeky/nerdy, weird, funny, corny

[would you like that shaken or stirred?]-actually, it doesnt really matter to me.

[joke]-Q:What did 50 cent say when he saw snoop dog in a sweater?


[how would you spend $10.00]-I would probably go to a dollar store and buy 10 things, like those corny fake flies you could put in someones drink or the itching powder...

[favorite bands]-taking back sunday, brand new, pinback, and cursive

[favorite movies]-Drop Dead Fred, the Wedding Singer, Loser, and Porky's.

[hobbies]-watching movies, and cartoons, comic books, and eating.

[what makes you nerdcore]-there are plenty of things that make me nerdcore, well I think so anyways. i dont think you would consider this nerdcore but it sure is geeky in some way:
picking out my clothes before going to bed.
making sure to take a shower before 7:00 pm on weekdays.
clicking my heels together when i get excited.
watching cartoons when the rest of my friends hate them.
im just..nerdy thats why...most of those things are more loserish i guess? :\
sometimes when i laugh really hard..i snort..serioulsy not perposey either, its kinda sad though.

[what was your most nerdcore moment]-one time i wore legwarmers over my pants for awhile. It was really quite funny actually.

[picture]- if this means do i have a picture, no i dont.

You should all really vote YES for me..and accept me.

Brittney ♥'s nerdyness
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