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[name] Lindsay

[age] 14

[location] Arizona

[pet peeves] Posers

[motto/personal quote] You're perfect...thats why I hate you

[four words to describe you] mood swinging parent hater

[would you like that shaken or stirred?] shaken

[joke] our current president (enough said)

[vice]boys, i <3 boys

[how would you spend $10.00] local concert ticket, and then the rest on one of their cd's

[favorite bands] My chemical romance, benton falls, thrice, afi, HIM, the used, senses fail...sooo much more, but i dont have patiance

[favorite movies] napoleon dynamite, butterfly effect, farenheit 911, bowling for columbine

[hobbies] Im really good at just hanging out and being lazy!

[what makes you nerdcore] The fact that I'm a weirdo, but i am proud of the way i am.  I wouldnt change anything about my life only because i love it all. each and every little imperfection.

[what was your most nerdcore moment] almost everyday, i trip, step on someones feet, fall on my ass, but at least theres some consistency in my life??? lol

[picture] By the way, I am aware im ugly, so rub it in if it makes you feel better

 my best frined had it at her house...i couldnt help it


 yet again..rub it in...

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