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[name] elizabeth ashley trujillo johnson

[age] 18

[location] denton, tx

[pet peeves] when people act like pooping is a shame, not having a pencil handy, flat coke(or any carbonated beverage), the olsen twins

[motto/personal quote] "when shit brings you down just say 'fuck it,' and yourself some motherfucking candy" - david sedaris

[four words to describe you] well, besides nerd: rad, johnson, edified (haha), procrastinator

[would you like that shaken or stirred?] it doesn't matter as long as there's no ice in it


"why was six afraid of seven?"

"because 7 8 9"


[vice] ummm, one of my biggest vices is cursing like a sailor at inapporpiate times. like at funerals and weddings and stuff :x

[how would you spend $10.00] on either:

a.)cake mix, taco bell, and gum

b.)postal stamps


d.) library fines

[favorite bands] going by the top 10 played on itunes: weezer, the rentals, sara radle & her band, the pixies, ben folds five, the velvet underground, the weakerthans, the unicorns, say anything, that dog.

[favorite movies] blazing saddles, cannibal! the musical, the goonies, willy wonka and the chocolate factory, high fidelity, a time to kill, the life of brian, dr. strangelove: or how i learned to stop worrying and love the bomb

[hobbies] drawing. here's some mspaint shit i did:


[what makes you nerdcore] i've often chosen staying home and reading instead of going out with my friends, my laptop = my life, aim pwns my soul, i spend more time on forums than i do with actual people.

[what was your most nerdcore moment] the other day i yelled "omgwtfstfugtfo" at someone i barely knew


 w00t for smurfs

^[sic] (just in case)

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