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<P>Oh man. Here we go.</P>
<P>[name] Heather</P>
<P>[age] 15</P>
<P>[location] Erie</P>
<P>[pet peeves] Anti-creativity.</P>
<P>[motto/personal quote] I have many. "thats hot..." "Oh man.." "Superifficulously Grand" "that hurts my heart" "I hope it burns"</P>
<P>[four words to describe you] one two three rad</P>
<P>[would you like that shaken or stirred?] definitely shaken</P>
<P>[joke] -the only one i can think of right now- Knock Know (who's there) Little boy blue (litte boy blue who) Michael Jackson.. duh.</P>
<P>[vice] oh man.. i wreck things.</P>
<P>[how would you spend $10.00] Okay.. I'd exchange cash for quarters and hit up the gumball machine.</P>
<P>[favorite bands] Coheed And Cambria, Dead Poetic, underOATH, Blink 182, 311, A Static Lullaby, Atreyu, Hawthorne Heights, Isadora and Calling Blue Skies, Emery, Everytime I Die,. There's more, but I don't feel like typing 'em.</P>
<P>[favorite movies] The Butterfly Effect, and all Adam Sandler Movies. PS: Grind.</P>
<P>[hobbies] my rad guitar, music, drawing, my hair, going to shows, soccer and more.</P>
<P>[what makes you nerdcore] what DOESNT make me nerd core. I make my cereal with chocolate milk. Mm. Oh... and I have freckles. In the summer.</P>
<P>[what was your most nerdcore moment] Well now.. I went running into my house one time, and the sliding glass door was shut.. and I was running mighty fast because of something (can't member) and I slammed into the door. *shrug* it happens to the best of us. Then there's that time me and my friends made a barbie movie with my video camera..=/</P>
<P> </P>
<P><IMG src=""></P>
<P><IMG src=""></P>
<P>PS: I don't smile much in pictures&nbsp;because I was blessed with braces... On 1 more year... =/</P>
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