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[name] Jordin

[age] 15

[location] this near podunk town in Texas

[pet peeves] people who are uptight. and arent happy being themselves. rich people

[motto/personal quote] I ride the bus everyday.

[four words to describe you] dorky. mellow. ree-mee-dee-uhl. buuurp

[would you like that shaken or stirred?] uh stirred.

[joke] did you hear about the 2 gay judges that tried each other?

[vice] chicken.

[how would you spend $10.00] buy some chicken. and save the rest.

[favorite bands]thursday. incubus. cursive. bob marley. TREEPHORT! Emery. Thrice. The early november

[favorite movies]DAZED AND CONFUSED. Secret Window. The Order. Pirates of the Caribbean

[hobbies] eating chicken. music. COMPUTER. sleeping.

[what makes you nerdcore] I have 5 hour tv blocks and then 5 hour computer blocks. plus I get told im a nerd all the time. The fellas of treephort are my buddies(but they don't know it). My friend Ana taught me how to do 'unecassary rolls' where you think your like a cop or something and roll at random. Now I do them all the time.

[what was your most nerdcore moment]I have a lot. Most of the time its when I'm confused. But i was at the mall with some of my buddies and I don't know what happened but all the sudden I pretend i was on a horse. and My friend goes Stop that you nerd. so yeah.

[picture] i
lovelovelove this picture. Me and Bryce Avary(The RocketSummer)
i found a crown and it was soo cool!<<Treephort Drummer-Jeremy'


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